Sierra Buttes; Better Hold on to the “Oh Shit Bar”

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I don’t know where to start. 

2019-06-29 Today I woke up and Jim said, “I want to go to the Sierra Buttes and take the Jeep road to the top”. 

We had gone there on our anniversary a few days ago and had the Explorer which is WAY too nice to take up the narrow, rocky, steep and dangerous road. I decided to go with him, camera in hand. 

I did all the driving and I have to say, there are zero pictures of the road because I did not take my eyes away from the road and my palms were sweating the entire time. 

I decided to bail about half way up and a cool dude in a Jeep Rubicon came up behind me and discouraged me from bailing out. 

The mountain is so steep and the road so narrow that Jim didn’t let go of the “oh shit bar” the entire time which took over an hour to get to the top. (Or near the top, we were stopped by snow)

The bad news is that because of the snow, we had to come back the way we came and hope we didn’t meet another Jeep head on. 

We got down in one piece and thankfully got time to find some waterfalls, fountains and flowers. 

I swear i can see our guardian angel in one of the waterfalls. 

Believe it or not, these flowers are not saturated or dehazed, this is the natural color of these brilliant California flowers. I’m careful to not saturate my flower photos for fear of changing their natural colors. 

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