How I Ended Up with a Website and all this Rig-a-ma-roll

One day I was on top of an unnamed mountain at about 6,500' elevation west of Reno, NV with my derrière in the air as usual when three mountain bikers came up a rigorous incline towards me. 

When they arrived, I asked them if they were going up "Bail Out Knob". I so named this small mountain on a mountain because of the day my husband decided to take me up the side of it in the side-by-side (a type of four wheeler that holds two people sitting side-by-side like a dune buggy). 

About half way up and with the machine giving in to gravity, I begged him to let me "bail out" and I climbed up the rest of the way with my head hanging low in shame as my "high mileage" husband braved the rest of the ride.

Back to the story, the three all sang out, "No Way! We don't even try to ride up that hill" and started laughing. One of them asked what I was up to. I told him that there was a strange looking growth on a sage plant that had caught my interest.

They all got off their bikes to look at the growth with me and I started pointing out all the small blooms that are lost in the greenery and nearly invisible to the naked eye. I told them that it was MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY and how much I loved it.

They were in awe and started taking pictures of their own and there we were, "The Four Derriere's" with our rumps in the air looking for wildflowers.

When we were done and they were ready to leave, they asked where they could see my pictures. I told them that I don't share them anywhere they could see them. Sometimes I share my photos with my friends on Facebook.

The young man told me that I should get a website and then he asked me, "What would you call it if you had one?"

I said, "lizzieFlower.com"

He said, "I'm going to keep an eye out for it."

I came home from that mountain top and had a website started before the day was over.

I hope they find this website. 

This is all for you to enjoy.