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My Background

Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started

I've always loved taking pictures of the things most people over look so when I had the opportunity to add a macro lens to my equipment bag, the world opened up for me. I love to hike in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and find that I spend most of my time with my camera pointed at the ground instead of the breathtaking vistas.


Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started

I haven't had my Nikon for long and I am excited about the journey ahead as I begin to learn my new camera, it's settings and especially post processing. I try to do most of my work "in camera" as I begin to learn the Creative Cloud Suite. This is a big step up from taking photos with my iPhone and a magnifier.


Why Entropy Studios

Just Getting Started

Why Entropy Studios

I have a strange fascination with the natural order of disorder and I find my camera pointing at the decomposition of nature as much as the blooming. Don't be surprised if you see some pictures of less appealing subjects since they usually draw my attention first.  I hope you are as intrigued by my photos as I am.

Photo Credit to my adventure/photo friend Sharell Katibah

Interested in purchasing an image?

If you love my photos and would like to purchase one I would be honored to have my work in your home or office.

Please click the link below to be rerouted to my SmugMug website where there are many options for sizes and printing media like paper, canvas, mugs and cards.

How to Enjoy this Website

Lizzie Flower hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail in August 2018.

This is how to use the website

If you are using a desktop, at the top of your screen you should see page dropdown menus to open pages with my blog, galleries, photo stories and other stories and pictures. Once there, you can read a story and click on the first photo to enlarge it and show any caption I have added. Then you can use the right arrow key to scroll through them.

If you are using a mobile device, you will most likely have the pages available if you scroll to the bottom of the home page.  Again, you can click on the first picture after reading the story to see a larger view of the photo along with any caption that I have written. Swipe to see the pictures one by one.


Q: Why don't you put ALL your adventures on your website?

A: While I love this website, I love being outdoors more. Being with the computer screen is torture for me. I'd much rather be on my bike,  out climbing a mountain or exploring old ghost towns.

Q: Can I buy a print of a particular photo?

A: Yes, Click here to be redirected to my SmugMug site or click any of the other SmugMug action buttons on this site.

Q: Will you photograph me?

A: Yes, No, Maybe... If the shots are fun and no pressure then yes. I don't want to shoot your wedding or other important event. I would meet for a casual sitting though. Leave a message in the "Contact Us" section below.

Purchase Coddiwomple Patches $10.00

Limited Supply

Coddiwomple Patch

Coddiwomple Patch

I only have a few of these patches available. I will sell them while supplies last.

I was ordering a few of these custom patches for myself and got a better price by buying several. I'm not in the business of selling patches, just selling the overrun.


Coddiwomple Patch

Coddiwomple Patch

Coddiwomple Patch

Send $10.00 to 


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 request an invoice at

"Contact Us" Link near the bottom of this homepage


Coddiwomple Patch


When using the PayPal Link, under notes, fill in your mailing address so I know where to send your patch.

I guarantee your patch will be mailed within 3 business days.

Enjoy fellow Coddiwompler! May your adventures be great and many!

Love, Lizzie Flower

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